Tree Planting

Are you considering tree planting for your landscape in Rochester, MN? There’s not much that can beat the enduring grandeur of a tree. Lasting for generations, trees add not only interest to your view but also provide a multitude of benefits. A well-placed tree can provide shade, privacy, and will also release vital oxygen into the air. A tree provides a place for birds to alight, your children to play under, and to delight your eyes with buds in the spring and changing colors in the fall.

Choosing the Right Tree

DeCook Landscaping believes that the right tree for your yard and needs is essential. We take into consideration many factors when suggesting the right tree for your landscape. We’ll discuss with you not only the type of soil that the tree needs to thrive but also any other trees, bushes, or landscaping in the area the placement might affect. From deciduous to blooming trees, firs, and ornamentals, our landscape specialists have the in-depth knowledge of the correct types of trees that will best serve your needs and property.

Successful Tree Planting

When properly cared for, trees can last many years and are an asset to any home's landscaping. We can work with you to design a landscape that will continue to beautify the area while protecting against soil erosion. Before you decide on a tree that you may not enjoy, give us a call so we can talk about your options. We’re always happy to offer our expertise! Contact us for a free no-obligation quote on tree planting and care services today at (507) 361-1595. We service homes in Rochester, MN, and the surrounding communities.


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