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There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful day outdoors and it’s even better if you can do it in your own yard. Having a beautiful outdoor space to entertain, read a book, or just enjoy the sounds of nature helps you get the most out of our Minnesota summers. DeCook Landscaping of Rochester, MN, can help you beautify your outdoor landscape with a stunning retaining wall! When we’re done with your new installation, you won’t want to go inside!

Retaining Walls: Beautiful & Functional!

These dual-purpose walls not only create an attractive and dynamic element to your property, but when it rains, they can actually slow down the speed at which water travels across your yard. This helps prevent costly soil erosion that can affect your yard, soil, and home.

Retaining walls can help protect the surrounding structures in your yard and reduce the chances of unexpected drainage holes in unlevel areas. When installed to help preserve the integrity of the topsoil, retaining walls can even reduce the chance of flooding in your home as the walls divert groundwater, keeping it out of your basement.

Along with retaining walls, DeCook can help you add beautiful and functional space to your yard with freestanding walls, garden walls, pavers, steps and pillars, and benches. We have a wide variety of stone types and colors to truly customize your outdoor installation. Let our experienced landscape experts help you choose just the right color and stone to showcase your outdoor patio, wall, terrace, or garden.

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We’re experienced landscape artists who can help with any scale of installation you might imagine. Let us help you design something that’ll not only showcase the beauty of your yard but also improve your home's value. We work all over the Rochester, MN area and would be happy to speak with you and show you examples of work we’ve done! Contact us today at (507) 361-1595 to get started!


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