Lawn Seeding

Is your lawn looking a bit patchy? Are you starting a new lawn? A full, lush lawn is essential to a beautiful landscape. DeCook Landscaping can help with all your sod and lawn seeding needs, giving you the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. We also provide sod repair, re-sods, pallets or pieces, and grass plugs.

Sod & Lawn Seeding That Thrives

We don’t just install the seed and sod; we work with you to make sure you have complete care instructions to help your sod thrive and grow.


Unlike seed, sod can be ready to use in as little as 2 to 4 weeks if the groundwork is done correctly and requires much less watering maintenance. To prepare the area, we clear away any debris in the area including old grass or plantings.


Proper grading not only helps your sod thrive but also provides critical drainage that keeps your surrounding structures safe from groundwater. We begin by rough grading the area and finish with general grading to shape the land for a good foundation. A good grade not only helps the sod take but also controls erosion and stabilizes any sloping.

Soil Conditioning and Installation

The area is checked for debris, graded, and then rolled to make the surface ready for the sod. We’ll install the sod quickly and professionally, ensuring there's no gapping or buckling, and do a thorough and final tamp and roll. Before we leave you’ll get a full set of care and watering instructions.

Sod is the fastest and easiest way to establish a lawn. Not only does it look beautiful and feel great under your toes, but it’s also energy efficient. Sod reduces the heat by an average of 15 degrees and releases oxygen as it cools the air. 

When Can Sod Be Installed?

Sod installation can take place anytime the ground is not frozen.

Let us help improve the appearance of your lawn with sod installation and lawn seeding services. We offer free no-obligation quotes in Rochester, MN, Byron, and the surrounding areas. Let our landscape experts help you with the lush, verdant landscape you desire with professional sod services for your home. Contact us online or by phone to talk about your sod needs at (507) 361-1595.


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